America the Great

I just need a moment

To communicate my patience

With my multi-media nation

Of immigrant incarceration


From its creation

It was bound to be

Brought to life

By some settling refugees,

Wrought with strife

With Royal taxes on the colonies

Built by frustration;

Aggravation into a nation,

By freedom-loving freemasons,

Riding rent-free on the back

Of the native’s reservations


The Indians we mistook

For a pawn to take down our rook

Helped us checkmate by the book

Then didn’t give them a second look

Just snuck up slowly from behind

And hit them with that left hook


Looked like leaves but we called it money.

They could’ve never seen it coming

From horses high and free-running,

To free-to-ride-up-on-our-high-horse-gunning,

And isn’t it funny,

What got left after the theft?


Gambling and gas stations,

Stock Market-god libations,

Or a pilgrimage of patients,

At the free clinic

Because they tried to drink the pain away

Even if for one minute

And still you ask me,

Why I remain a cynic?


Sure they said

That we’re all created equal

That people are all people

That it’s inalienable

It’s a truth that stood deeper

But even the steady-sleeper

Fears the coming of the reaper

And hopes that he won’t know

How to play “finders-keepers”


Cause there’s still no peace

No justice left on the streets

And no heart left in our beats,

Our boys, no safer with the priests

Than they are in the Middle East.

It’s still just hit-or-miss,

Staying blind to the prejudice

The green beast on which we feast.


Sure now at least

Seems we’ve got more range

But the way we hate remains unchanged

Be it near or far,

If you can hate someone new,

Cause they were born just like you were too,

Then it’s still just hate,

Hate for who they are,

Rather than what they did to you.


Call them fags or wetbacks

Or hate them cause they’re black

Hate them cause they rock’n’roll

Or hate them cause they rap

Hate on the helpless army soldier

Bogged down in Iraq

Or hate them cause they’re liberal

And they don’t give a crap


Hate them cause they love God,

More than they love you

Hate them cause they’re too well-read

Hate them cause they’re too red-white-and-blue

And hate them cause they’re too well-fed

Go on and hate them cause they’re left

And hate them cause they’re right

Hate them cause they sit and talk

When all you do is fight

Hate them cause they’re weak

Or hate them cause they’re strong

And just keep hating them regardless

Of whether you’re right or wrong

Just hate them cause they’re different;

Different than you.

Cause it’s all the same difference

When you really think it through.


And if you ask them when they’ll stop

Playing this old familiar game

Just memorize the lines they drop

Because it’ll always be the same

“We’ll change when we have to,

We’ll change when we must.

We’ll change when they will too,

We’ll change when we can trust.”


America the beautiful

America the great

America the fruitful

But only if you can wait

Only if you wait.


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