You find me in the silence

Mind laden with distress

You sit across the room from me

Prompt me my thoughts I do confess


I tell you I have loved and lost

I tell you my passion now grows weak

That my directions I have now tossed

That I have resigned the will to speak


I tell you I have lost my faith

I tell you I feel no more

That my soul has long departed this place

And with it the hurt that I abhor.


I tell you that I cannot cry

I tell you I cannot sleep

I tell you that I wonder why

Joy floats, but pain is deep


I ask you all my questions

I plague you all my thoughts

You sigh in sly remembrance

Your time amongst these dots


You light a single candle

To keep away the night

You place it on the mantle

To guide my skewéd sight

Rebellious, I gaze to my left

So you sit sturdy on my right


You wear your old winter coat

Tattered at the seams

You carried it across the oceans

Keeping warm your selfless dreams



Your pockets you do empty out

One is black, the other white

One bears water’s clarity in drought

The other, sand’s artistry in light


Black is an empty wine bottle

Brimming with the logic of the land

White is a cork of seven oceans

Grasping finite wisdom in your hand


You lay these gifts before me

Ask me once more to look their way

And as my head does turn to glance

I am struck with only grey

“Black and white do fade, my son”

You smile as you say,

“Your eyes keep open as you run,

And your run won’t be away.”


But what of the darkest forests,

Trapped amongst their trees?

What of the cold harsh winds,

Buried beneath their breeze?


“Give pause to eager heartbeat,

In one stormy breath you’ll know,

That passion is forever,

And love does come and go.


“The world is but a parchment,

And your thoughts its scarlet ink.

But its people not your children,

For they know not when they blink.


“My words, my father spoke through me

My faith, God spoke through you

My worries, they do fall to thee

And as you breathe my love stands true.”


I gaze out from the window,

Lightning piercing eagle’s wing

The clouds are not leaving tonight

So we sit now. And we sing.


“Let us sit now, let us pray

Hope that things will go away

But prayer is empty, talk is cheap

So let us cry now, let us weep


Well, let us laugh now, let us love

Hope for guidance from above

Let’s get angry, let us shout

Let’s find things to yell about


Let’s calm down now, let’s just think

Let us stop now, let us drink

Let’s write prose and poetry

Dance to Mozart, read Nietzsche


So much blood spilled, so much lost

You buy the answers, pay the cost

And as you look back on your youth

You asked the questions, got no truth”


Infamy in its creation

It stands in winter’s doubt

An intriguing sensation

With no need to figure out


A transient transfusion

Of matter onto mind

No answers left to ask

Only questions left to find


You lie sleeping on the bench

Grown tired from my tenacity

I stand still with my fists clenched

Clinging to my veracity


For what do you say to one,

Whose heart spurns thoughts to bed?

What do you tell a man,

Who dreams with only his head?

And what do you call a boy,

Whose soul spawns love blood-red?


I glance outside the window

And slowly unclench my fist

For on the very edge of the world

A beam of sunlight breaks the mist.


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