eclipseThe stars are watching us now

They shine for you and I

But we are not here to stand and bow

To patrons in the sky

Our light is too alive tonight

To be anchored each alone

Tomorrow brings another fight

But we embrace the paths unknown

Our destinies have been rewritten

A thousand times and still

Our spirits remain smitten

And no God will break our will

Our sadness is our saddle

The dark horse on which we ride

Charging headfirst into battle

With feeble hope still by our side

I tried to break away from you

You tried to keep your distance

But in truth I think we both knew

That our hearts were too persistent

You are my savior and my enemy

I am your falsity and truth

Yet I will follow till the end of me

May there be no end to my youth

A faulty windowed gate

Mirrored in our souls

To this and this to Fate

Begs gently in every whole

Tied by more than words could speak

Reflected by one mind in kind

Be we hungry, poor, or meek

I am yours, and you are mine

Our timing never suited

Our fears never descend

Our feet stood firmly rooted

As we watched the others bend

We must love to go on living

We must die for noble cause

Our hearts will go on giving

One of our more fantastic flaws

We have lived a thousand years apart

And a thousand years together

If only we knew from the start

How unbreakable our tether

You are daughter, sister, mother

I am father, brother, son

We saw the truth within each other

And that’s when we began to run

But society could not hold us

Our paths could not diverge

“Parallel”, we were, they told us

We could meld but never merge

My protests turned to screaming

A putrid feast for seven men

You brought them here to free me

But we lost freedom way back when

You found me in the wilderness

When the wild could not be heard

The wind blew hopeful eagerness

Yet hope’s lies were in the third

His attempts at utterance

Dulled swiftly by our books

From infinite to instants

On his fading face we never looked

Your beauty ever transient

Never here but always there

Your teary eyes I stare right through

As the three become the pair.

After the eclipse sees us united

But before I lose you once again

Until we can no longer fight it

I might forever try to bend

I’ll fight forever for my friend.


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