Your words breathe new life

Into a vision untrue

They came and they conquered

I did as they do

You taught me to wonder;

Lightning sparks when I think

But they stole all my thunder;

Sound stops when I drink

Looking back now,

I should’ve never let it get so bad

I should’ve talked to my mother,

Listened more to my dad

Cause it’s a funny thing

When a young mind starts to regret

So much left to say,

Yet so much left unsaid

I’m caught in this cycle;

My life just repeats

I didn’t start at the top,

I didn’t come from the streets

I kept time with the rhyme,

But I forgot all the beats.


I’m the maestro in a dime-store symphony,

My wand’s always waving, but no one came to see me.

They came for the drumming, the boom and the bass,

They came for percussion; perfectly pitching pace.

They came for piano man, strummer of strings,

They came for the fight of violent violins.

They came for the trumpeters calling to action,

They came for the power, the purge, and the passion.

They came from above, to laugh and behold,

They came not to love, have and hold what’s below,

They came to bear witness to musical clout

Not to see my silent hand waving about

They came to hear songs, not read notes on a page

They don’t care for my reason; they don’t care for my rage


But you took me by surprise;

You showed me something new.

You opened my eyes,

To something I never knew.

You asked me trust you,

When you took out your knife.

You stood still when I cussed you,

For slicing down my old life.

And that icy heartbreak,

Was like a slap in the face,

It shook me awake,

And put me back in my place.

Cause when you first met me,

The war was too far from won.

Then you left me too rattled,

From a job too well done.


And so now here I stand,

Innocent on the lam,

Trying to find someone,

Who still gives a damn.

I missed the train and the bus,

So my feet keep on running,

Caught in between who I was,

And who I’m becoming.

And who I am now,

Is just a figment of me,

Something I can’t see,

But I still have to be.


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