Love vs. Logic

It is a miracle in its truest form; the way one is able to sacrifice mind, body, and soul for another. How is it that we come to this stage? Our bodies will most certainly permit such an idiotic act out of the sheer exuberant existentialism with which they are built. Our minds however, should know better. Why is it that at the zero moment, when passion is potent and the momentum of emotional fruition is exhuming the motivation that once lay dead and quivering, why is it that logic and sanity do not kick in? My theory is that they do, for only an instant. For that one brief millisecond, logic makes its appearance, as a King before his nation, and grants its unwavering submission to the powers that supersede its greatest acquisition, for it has willfully endowed itself with the will of love forlorn, and shall thus forth propel its initiative with the same passion which it had formerly reserved for matters of reason and truth. The reason why is simple; in the light of love, which glows with the intensity of the seven sins, logic is illogical, reason is unreasonable, and the truth subsides as an irrelevant side dish in the wake of the new dawn, piercing the night with its brilliance, forcing the weak out of hiding, and instigating the force that leads a boy to a man, and then further onward.


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